Why Is Sustainable Fashion Expensive?

Why Is Sustainable Fashion Expensive?

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“It’s supply and demand; as demand evolves, the industry is working to match this demand,” Burns concludes. “There’s power in the decisions that consumers [make].” - Vogue


As a consumer, we are urged to constantly buy. There are marketing campaigns for the next trendy thing every minute of every hour. Clothes now have a high turnover rate due to the low price margins and detoriating quality. What isn’t reflected in the cheap price is the impact it has on the supply chain which involves farmers, sewers, and factory workers.

So why the price? Well being made sustainably and ethically, the price pays for every aspect of the supply chain such as:



On top of buying sustainably, most companies support initiatives like onsite childcare, organic local lunches, fair and living wages for workers. That money also supports environmental nonprofits.

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Money can go to 2 out of the 3 pillars of fashion which is quality, quantity, or price. The choice is up to you.

Investing in cheap clothing is very much investing in child labor. 5$ ensures that factor workers will be paid less than minimum wage. “In fact, the fashion industry funnels more money towards modern slavery than any other industry outside of tech” says the Good Trade.


Photo courtesy of New Dress Code

Quality over Quantity

Consumer demand is what’s going to make sustainable fashion affordable for all – meaning that it’s important to support brands with strong eco-credentials, and ask more of those that aren’t currently doing enough. This will lead brands to invest more in sustainable materials and technologies and in turn, lead to prices falling.



Shifting our view on what is “Expensive”

We have a choice what to invest in. Everyone wears clothes but has everyone reviewed their buying habits? How often we buy something and why?

The throwaway pieces, is it because it has a stain or hole or it’s simply not trending anymore?

Soon, I will share with you how to revive the love for your clothes by mending and appreciating what we have.

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